Monday, October 10, 2011

pictures again!

so it's been forever since I updated. Partly I have been busy, but also I have been kind of lazy about the blog. I will try to keep up on it more regularly.

Since I last posted at the end of August (yikes) I have been as far north as I've ever been, and I've also been underground at an exploration site, both of which were awesome! The weather here has gotten progressively colder, and about 10 days ago we had our first real snowfall, just in time for Greg's visit. :) Which was fantastic! (The part where he went home again was less fantastic.)

Anyway here are some pictures!

There were some northern lights the other night! They are a faint green streak down the centre of this image. My camera didn't do a great job with them, I'll have to try again with a better camera if I can get my hands on one.

I have owned my cellphone for 1.5 years and I only discovered this weekend that it will take panoramic shots! This is a picture of Frobisher Bay taken from the Iqaluit breakwater.

This wooden boat hangs out behind the museum. It was especially calm on Friday; in contrast we are having very windy conditions tonight with gusts up to 65km/h.

Maqtaaq! This piece is from the bowhead hunt that happened here back in the summer. It was good although it didn't have much flavour - if anything it tasted faintly of salt water.

A pretty sunset from a couple of weeks ago.

 Hee. :) We got snowed on rather a lot actually.
A geologist outstanding in her field. :D This was from the furthest north I've been. It was super cold that day!

I'll put up more in the next day or so - I'm thinking of doing a post of all the neat sundogs/rainbows/etc I've seen since I got here. There have been a lot!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

my first foodmail

Well it cost an arm and a leg but I got my first foodmail shipment: 10kg of organic produce shipped up from Ottawa. It smells great! I got an assorted fruit/veg box and it was a great selection, as you can see:

Two pounds of carrots, a bunch of celery, a head of red-leaf lettuce, 2 bunches of kale, 5 pears, a field cucumber, 6 tomatoes (in the box under the pears), a couple pounds of new potatoes, 3lbs onions, 5lbs apples, a giant head of cabbage, a melon, a box of mushrooms, and three bananas (one of which is kind of flattened in the middle, boo).

Oh and a box of cereal as well, because they had a kind I like.

I'm open to the suggestions for the head of cabbbage, I've never cooked it before. I think the peppers might get stuffed and the mushrooms are destined for tomato sauce.

I will definitely be ordering from these folks again. And tonight I'm having salad for dinner. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

more pix!

so I got back from my first set of site visits on Thursday night and it was excellent. I had a really good time, the weather was excellent almost right to the end and the projects were super interesting, I learned tons of things.

Also I saw lots of wildlife! Here are some pictures!

My first musk ox sighting (yay!) - a herd of about a dozen that we spotted from the helicopter.

This is a caribou we spotted on our tour of a site - he's not very old, probably only a year or two, and he's rather scruffy-looking because they're starting to moult at this time of year.

He just sort of wandered by the truck, not concerned about us at all.

Me at the mine! The haul trucks behind me are ridiculously large and the tires alone are more than twice my height.


Count the ptarmigans! I've come up with anywhere between 14 and 20. I can only spot one adult but there has to be at least one more, I don't think they have more than half a dozen chicks in a season.

This is probably my favourite picture so far. The musk ox near this camp discovered that the grass was particularly green around the greywater drains from the kitchen and showers, so over time they have made their way closer and closer to camp. Now they come in twice a day for lunch, and I think I'm only about 20m away from them in this photo. There were about two dozen all together in the herd and about 5 of them are calves. They are surprisingly smaller than I expected - musk ox are not as big as domestic cows but their coats make them look much bigger.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A photo collection from my first field trip!

Some garnets in some rock. Not as exciting as rubies but still pretty nice. :)

This is an American Golden-Plover.

An inukshuk. The bear spotters build these when they're out spotting for bears. There haven't been any.

Purple saxifrage! I love these flowers.

This is either a semipalmated plover or a semipalmated sandpiper. 

Siksik! Also known as arctic ground squirrel. This guy was pretty chill, he just sort of came out to see what we were up to.

The sky was very pretty.

The white blobs are flocks of snow geese. They were either in those huge clusters, or paired off (being as it is that time of year).

More flowers! I don't know what these are called but I like them.

And ditto these (although they might be a kind of heather?).

Hoping to have some pix of larger creatures after my next trip, I hear we may be in an area for caribou or musk ox... fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

out of the old, and into the new apartment! Everything but me and my computer are moved to the new place. So glad to be done with this moving around!

I should hopefully have internets tomorrow night but there won't likely be pictures until I can get it into some semblance of order down there, heh. It's pretty cluttered. But hooray for tons of storage space!

Monday, July 11, 2011


A mover came over this morning to help with unpacking, which was more putting furniture together and unboxing large things. So now I have a bed, a kitchen table, an awesome couch, a desk (that I will have to redo once I find my allen keys because the drawer didn't go on before the legs went on), a chair, shelves, an awesome lamp, and a shiny TV. :D

It's more organized than this now, all the large boxes are emptied and the small ones (with food in them) are moved out of the way. Tomorrow the movers are coming back to remove the rest of the packing stuff, which will be great because I'll be able to unpack all the dry goods into the storage room where the boxes are.

Tonight will be my last night in this apartment though! woooo! Real home tomorrow!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

omg yay!!

My stuff arrived! It's in my new apartment *right now*! Woooooo!

I cannot. wait. to have everything unpacked.

Because it showed up on Friday afternoon (of course) it won't get unpacked until Monday, but I get 2 days for unpacking etc, so one will be for the unpacking and I will distribute the rest over the rest of the week for things like internet setup. I had to go with NWTel which is a little disappointing but I'm still looking into a way to get the satellite-based, cap-free 'nets.