Saturday, July 9, 2011

omg yay!!

My stuff arrived! It's in my new apartment *right now*! Woooooo!

I cannot. wait. to have everything unpacked.

Because it showed up on Friday afternoon (of course) it won't get unpacked until Monday, but I get 2 days for unpacking etc, so one will be for the unpacking and I will distribute the rest over the rest of the week for things like internet setup. I had to go with NWTel which is a little disappointing but I'm still looking into a way to get the satellite-based, cap-free 'nets.


icudbx said...

Hi-O! Gee... it looks so compact there. Is it all in just one corner of the flat or did they put stuff in the appropriate rooms? Anyway, once it's unpacked you will realize you have WAY TOO MUCH stuff for your place. (read George Carlin's rant about stuff.) Happy unpacking. Hope everything arrived in one piece. Especially the bread bowl. Love, Me.

alia said...

Yup, that's pretty much it! The bedframe and bed rails are in the bedroom but that's everything except for one of the shelves and The Couch. :)

Whatever I have that I don't need (and I"m sure there will be a lot!), I'll see if I can piggyback on someone else's rummage sale.