Saturday, August 27, 2011

my first foodmail

Well it cost an arm and a leg but I got my first foodmail shipment: 10kg of organic produce shipped up from Ottawa. It smells great! I got an assorted fruit/veg box and it was a great selection, as you can see:

Two pounds of carrots, a bunch of celery, a head of red-leaf lettuce, 2 bunches of kale, 5 pears, a field cucumber, 6 tomatoes (in the box under the pears), a couple pounds of new potatoes, 3lbs onions, 5lbs apples, a giant head of cabbage, a melon, a box of mushrooms, and three bananas (one of which is kind of flattened in the middle, boo).

Oh and a box of cereal as well, because they had a kind I like.

I'm open to the suggestions for the head of cabbbage, I've never cooked it before. I think the peppers might get stuffed and the mushrooms are destined for tomato sauce.

I will definitely be ordering from these folks again. And tonight I'm having salad for dinner. :)


icudbx said...

Hi-O!! Those things look great and Im sorry they cost so much. Would you like me to put together a fresh veg. box for Greg to bring with him?
s for the cabbage - rolls are great!! And you can freeze them in two or three roll sets for lunches. Becca has a REALLY good cabbage roll recipe and Z. has a good marinara recipe for the sauce. You could also wash and freeze the tomatoes for later use, if you want. Let me know. Love you. icudbx.

jt said...

Oooh that looks good!

How was the salad?

alia said...

The salad was delicious, thank you for asking :)