Monday, October 10, 2011

pictures again!

so it's been forever since I updated. Partly I have been busy, but also I have been kind of lazy about the blog. I will try to keep up on it more regularly.

Since I last posted at the end of August (yikes) I have been as far north as I've ever been, and I've also been underground at an exploration site, both of which were awesome! The weather here has gotten progressively colder, and about 10 days ago we had our first real snowfall, just in time for Greg's visit. :) Which was fantastic! (The part where he went home again was less fantastic.)

Anyway here are some pictures!

There were some northern lights the other night! They are a faint green streak down the centre of this image. My camera didn't do a great job with them, I'll have to try again with a better camera if I can get my hands on one.

I have owned my cellphone for 1.5 years and I only discovered this weekend that it will take panoramic shots! This is a picture of Frobisher Bay taken from the Iqaluit breakwater.

This wooden boat hangs out behind the museum. It was especially calm on Friday; in contrast we are having very windy conditions tonight with gusts up to 65km/h.

Maqtaaq! This piece is from the bowhead hunt that happened here back in the summer. It was good although it didn't have much flavour - if anything it tasted faintly of salt water.

A pretty sunset from a couple of weeks ago.

 Hee. :) We got snowed on rather a lot actually.
A geologist outstanding in her field. :D This was from the furthest north I've been. It was super cold that day!

I'll put up more in the next day or so - I'm thinking of doing a post of all the neat sundogs/rainbows/etc I've seen since I got here. There have been a lot!

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1cudbx said...

Hi-O! The picture of your feet in the snow... is that why you can't do yoga?? (see one of Z's photos.)